H T D – Let The Heart Rest

H T D - Let The Heart Rest


99Freshman:H T D – Let The Heart Rest


The Mozambican rapper HTD (Hot To Death) have dropped several mixtapes stretching into styles like R&B and Dancehall. This time the Southern African rapper releases his most anticipated EP called ”Let The Heart Rest”. The EP contains 9 songs, in which 2 singles, ”Changed” and ”I Already Know”, have been published couple of months ago.

H brings a variety of R&B, Hip Hop and Dancehall into ”Let The Heart Rest”. He also explains how and why one can let the heart rest, and also how certain behaviours can make relationships change from north to south.

Let The Heart Rest is followed by HTD’s 3rd Mixtape ”Girls Only 3” which the spring of 2017 saw. Girls Only 3 features guest spots like Hot Blaze, Delly Q, MLVN and the highly regarded HernĂ¢ni da Silva, which is also featured on HTD’s latest EP – Let The Heart Rest.

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