Tay-K shares a surprising picture from inside his jail cell

Tay-K Posts Pic From Jail Cell After Just Being Charged With Felony For Having Phone


It appears Tay-K isn’t bothered by the charge because he just posted a photo from inside the jail cell on both his Instagram and Twitter accounts Tuesday afternoon. He left the caption “Live From the Gates of Hell #FreeMe,” while sitting on the floor and pointing his hands as if he was holding a pair of guns at the camera.



Live From the Gates of Hell #FreeMe

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I actually like Tay K’s music but he’s got to be smarter with his decisions. You just got caught with a phone and got in trouble for having one and now you’re still posting pictures? Then you’re gesturing guns when you’re wanted for not one, but two capital murders. You should be showing the CO’s and everybody that you’re on your best behavior and not give them any reason to use any of this against you in your cases.




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